We Provide Cutting Edge IT Services

We are a systems engineering firm that passionately tackles problems of all sizes and complexities using our goal-driven methodologies, data analytics expertise, and friendly service.

Systems Engineering

Every problem can be treated as a system. Understanding the goals while paying careful attention to interdependencies, constraints, and stakeholder leads to success.

Data Analytics

Data is such a valuable resource. Knowing what to do with it to understand what it means is what leads to well informed decisions and defensible solutions.

Strategic Consulting

Comprehensive analysis of an organization often times unearths improbable courses of action toward a pathway for success.

Software Engineering

Applications that gather, manage, and report on data are the foundation of IT solutions. Having them tailored to your business needs and integrated with your other systems make them indispensable.

About Us

Rotunda Solutions is an experienced Systems Engineering and Data Analytics consulting firm that harnesses active research and "Systems Thinking" to provide high quality, comprehensive, sustainable, and scalable solutions to our clients. Unlike a typical "IT company" that offers data analytics as a broad service, we are a dedicated team of systems-savvy data experts with a passion for problem-solving. Our industry-leading practices are continually driven forward by rigorous academic exploration and practical application, ensuring that our clients remain at the leading edge of success and the forefront of innovation.

Our Clients

We serve a wide range of clients that includes federal government customers, non-profit organizations, and private, local, and small businesses.

Our Causes

We strongly encourage our employees to help make a difference in the lives of others. The following organizations and charities are some of the many that Rotunda Solutions and its employees support.


Active engagement keeps us at the cutting edge. Stay up to date with current issues and concerns, as well as tools, technologies, and methodologies.

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